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PrintHistory of the Volunteer Center

In 1999, the Center for Community Concerns led a community-wide task force to study the concept and possibility
of establishing a Volunteer Center.  After fifteen months, it was determined that a stand-alone Volunteer Center was the desire of the community, that the current volunteer programs of the Cente or Community Concerns would become part of the new Volunteer Center, and a new location and Executive Director would be sought.  In September 2000, the Volunteer Center of Racine County opened its doors with Marilynn Pelky as its Executive Director.

By June of 2001, the Center moved into its own home, 6216 Washington Avenue, Suite G, which is completely handicapped accessible.  All former volunteer programs of the Center for Community Concerns (Volunteer Today and Retired and Senior Volunteer Program/RSVP) were merged into the Volunteer Center.  Since that time, the Volunteer Center has grown in staff and programs.  The RSVP program continues to stretch and grow, annually receiving Federal Corporation for National and Community Service funding.  Our Youth Program has grown to include  additional sites and topics related to free summer  Youth  Service Learning Camps and the creation of a Youth Advisory Board.

The Volunteer Center of Racine County is the primary resource for volunteerism and community service in Racine County. By coordinating, creating and training, the Volunteer Center of Racine County hopes to promote the spirit of volunteerism throughout our community. Please feel free to browse our new site and discover what the Volunteer Center can do for you and, more importantly, what you can do for your community! If you are interested, contact us at 262-886-9612.