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Retired & Senior Volunteer Program

SeniorCorps The Volunteer Center of Racine County, Inc. (VCRC) is the grantee for the Retired & Senior Volunteer Program of Racine County (RSVP). Seventy percent of RSVP volunteers are involved in projects that adhere to National Performance Measures (NPM). RSVP members are at least 55 years of age and are eligible for mileage reimbursement, supplemental liability and accident insurance going to, during and coming from official RSVP events. RSVP-Racine County’s 230 active volunteers provided over 15,000 hours of service in 2015. If you’re looking to stay busy during retirement by offering  your skills to your neighbors and friends, join RSVP-Racine County today . Please contact Bruce Davis at 262-886-9612 or  bdavis@volunteerracine.org

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Retired and Senior Volunteer Program

RSVP seeks to provide senior citizens a pathway to community service. Flexible in nature, RSVP allows participants to choose how and when they serve. Open to seniors 55 and over, the program’s goals are wide and varied, and include opportunities such as delivering meals, working in food pantries, visiting homebound people, providing rides to senior citizens, mentoring students, counseling veterans or working in disaster preparation exercises.  RSVP volunteers are given a pre-service orientation, on-the-job training and are eligible for complimentary, supplemental accident and liability insurance and mileage reimbursement while serving as an RSVP volunteer.

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Enrollment Form (for Volunteers) – Fill out this form on your initial visit to the Volunteer Center of Racine. The information you provide will help us in assuring your volunteer experience is mutually beneficial and satisfying.

Enrollment Form

Mileage Reimbursement Request (for Volunteers) – Submit this form by the 20th of the month for reimbursement for miles driven to and from your volunteer station for the preceding month. The form needs to be complete in order for you to be eligible. Be sure that both you and your station supervisor sign this form, and then submit it to the RSVP Director who will also sign it. Be sure to ask for the policy that governs this form for the parameters and limits of the program.

Mileage Reimbursement Form

RSVP Monthly Volunteers Hours Record Form (for Volunteer Coordinators) – Some volunteers will keep track of their hours separately and then report it on this form. Others prefer to directly enter the information on this form. Regardless, it is important that the volunteer coordinator check the form for accuracy and proper signatures before submitting it to the RSVP Director via fax, email or regular mail. The RSVP Director will initial this form and use it to document the activity level of the RSVP Program to the proper agencies.

RSVP Monthly Hours Form

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) (for Volunteer Stations or Agencies) – The MOU is completed by the Volunteer Station (Agency) when the initial relationship is struck with the Volunteer Center of Racine County which sponsors RSVP (Retired & Senior Volunteer Program). At that time, the Agency also submits documentation and/or certifies its non-profit status. Once every three years the MOU is updated and signed by the Agency.

Agency MOU Form

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